Friday, February 17, 2017

Starting Fresh

So many things have changed since I published my first post on this blog six years ago - enough so that I have decided to remove those older posts and start fresh. We moved to the beautiful state of Colorado two years ago and have loved every second of living here. My parents moved in with us in 2015 and have helped us out tremendously with everything from homeschooling and child care to home maintenance  and dog sitting. I'm grateful every day for their help and companionship.

(Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space)

In addition to moving to a new state, we had our third child in November of 2011 and added another dog to our family in March of 2015. The current tally of kids and dogs is three and three, but that number will be changing in the coming months as we are in the process of adopting a little boy from South Korea!

Adoption has been something that we have planned on since before we were married and we are beyond excited that we finally have the opportunity to move forward with this dream. Plus, I keep hearing that once you hit four kids it all seems a bit easier...which just has to be correct, right? ;)

(Rest stop at the Quarry)

We're still in the early stages of the process, relatively speaking, and we are by no means adoption experts - especially since every country/situation is different in their rules/requirements/process. But we really look forward to keeping everyone posted on where we're at. As of right now, we're still waiting on some final approvals here in the U.S. and then we will be moving on to the exit process for our little guy on the Korean side.

On another note, I plan to share some information on the adventures that we have embarked on over the past couple of years. We've visited multiple national parks, several new (to us) states, and lots of historical sites and I would love to share as much information about those places and what it's like traveling (inexpensively) with kids as I can.

There are so many places that we would love to visit and I know how much I appreciate hearing from others who have been to those places - so I though I would start a weekly series passing on information regarding mostly Southwestern travel destinations. I'll have lots of photos, activity ideas for the whole family, how we survive long road trips and camping adventures with kiddos, and lots of info about some of the incredible and unique places that we have visited.

(Little girl, Grand Canyon)

(Joshua Tree National Park)

(The magical Cholla Garden at Joshua Tree)

Some places were magical, some overwhelming, and a couple we are totally obsessed with (I'm talking about you, Santa Fe!). So stay tuned, we have a lot of adventures to share!

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