Hey there! I'm Alycia - the proprietor of this crazy place. I'm a writer, consultant, traveler, dreamer, wife, and mother of three (almost four!) kiddos. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who works hard to balance keeping me grounded and giving into many of my crazy ideas.

We are incredibly passionate about experiencing and protecting nature and spend most of our weekends and vacations traversing and documenting national and local parks, camping, hiking, taking pictures, learning how to use our telescopes and exploring the historical locations and other cultures that we are surrounded by here in the beautiful Rocky Mountain/Southwestern region of the United States.

More than anything, we want to share our adventures with others because we had many years where we were either unable to travel or unsure of where we wanted to/should go. Getting first hand information from people who have traveled to the places that we were interested in visiting (or had never heard of) was always helpful and encouraging, and now we would like to pay it forward and share our experiences with anyone who is interested.

We're also very excited to be in the process of adopting a little boy from South Korea and will be sharing our insights/info/advice about the process for anyone who is interested. While I am certainly no professional in this area, I am more than willing to answer questions from anyone who is interested in this process so please don't hesitate to email me at with any questions you may have.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @taoanddogs for up to date photos of our adventures. Thanks for stopping by!

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